Bra Hook Extender-with Extra Elastic (Pack Of 3 hooks, White- Skin- Black)
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Bra Hook (3Pcs) Extender-with Extra Elastic (White- Skin- Black)

Bra Hook (3Pcs) Extender-with Extra Elastic (White- Skin- Black)

  • ❤️ Bra Extender 2Hook-3 Eye (With Extra Elastic Band To Increase More Length -Pack Of 3 Pcs White- Skin- Black
  • ❤️ Ideal To Increase The Band Length Of Your Loving Bra Approx. 7 To 10 Cms
  • ❤️ Must For You If Your Bra Belt size Is Increased But Cup Size Is Same Or If You Gain Weight Or Pregnant
  • ❤️ Prevents Your Bra Band To Dig Into Your Skin And Show Visible Fat. Material Composition: Polyster,Elastane, METAL Hooks

Bra Hook Extender-with Extra Elastic 

Save Your Bra Increase Band Length

Bra Extensions_Bra Extender Hook_Bra Hooks for Women

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  • Stock: In Stock
  • Model: Bra Hook With Extra Elastic
  • Weight: 0.04kg
  • Dimensions: 8.00cm x 3.00cm x 1.50cm
Ex Tax: ₹120

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