BODY AND CLOTHING TAPE / Fashion Dressing Tape / Invisible Double-sided Body Tape
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BODY AND CLOTHING TAPE / Fashion Dressing Tape / Invisible Double-sided Body Tape

BODY AND CLOTHING TAPE / Fashion Dressing Tape / Invisible Double-sided Body Tape

Fashion Dressing Tape/Invisible Double-sided Body Tape (Fabric and Skin Friendly) Double Sided Tape for Clothes Dress Bra Skin Bikini all day use | Transparent

  • Double Sided Bra Tape - Our fashion tape is a must-have fashion accessory in any closet. Super sexy and worry-free. Convenient to take in your bag and help you from emergency and avoid embarrassment.
  • Double Sided Tape - This body tape made of high quality PET transparent medical grade adhesive is a transparent double-side tape that does not hide your skin natural colour providing a discreet, gentle and skin friendly solution to keepv your clothes and accessories perfectly in place
  • Body Tape for Dress - Great for deep plunge clothing open-sided dresses wrap-style tops gaps between buttons tube tops and halters cuffs, scarfs, jewelry open hems bra straps, shoulder pads and more,securing clothing to skin
  • Clothing Tape - It is simply to cut the required amount of tape from the roll because of the tooth shape blade on dispenser, remove the backing paper and then press your transparent tape on to the garment firmly for few seconds; Sticking it to the skin ensuring that the skin is clean dry & free from any cream or moisturisers before applying
  • Skin Tape - Do not use on rashes, sores, skin disorders, sun damaged , sunburned skin or open cuts, or if you currently have or had a family history of, skin depigmentation problems;Remove immediately if you experience a burning sensation

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  • Model: TAPE_CUTTER
  • Weight: 0.08kg
  • Dimensions: 8.00cm x 2.50cm x 6.00cm
Ex Tax: ₹249

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